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Setting up school mode in Teach Your Monster to Read
Setting up school mode in Teach Your Monster to Read

Looking to get started with the Teach Your Monster To Read app in the classroom? This guide is for you.

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The Teach Your Monster to Read app app has a login mode for players that you create in your teacher account. For Reading for Fun there is a different process.

You can give your students their own player logins and your players can use these login credentials to log in to the app on any device, even when they're at home.

The player login screen on the app looks like this:

If yours looks different, have a look at our video guide to enabling School Mode on the app:

How to set up app logins for players

Create a user account on our website, create some players, then use the player name and player password to login on the app. Here's how:

  1. Create a FREE teacher account, if you don't have one already

  2. Create your players.
    Each player will be given a player name and player password.

  3. Print player password cards for your students. You can find these on the Home page by scrolling down to the "Downloads" section and clicking "Password Cards"

  4. Download the app. Download the app to all the devices your children use. Our app is available on the Amazon App Store / Google Play / Apple App Store.

  5. Login on the app. Open the app and press the login button. Each child can use their player login details to play.

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