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How do I reset / restart the game?
How do I reset / restart the game?

Help with resetting / restarting all Teach Your Monster games

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When you finish the game, you are entered into a 'sandbox' mode where players can freely explore the planets forever, keeping their monster and all their progress.

If you still wish to start back at the beginning, you have a few options:

Add a new player (Web / App)

If you wish to fully start over, but don't want to reset the progress of your current player, simply add a new player to your account to start the game again.

Practice Mode

If you don't want to add a new player or use sandbox mode, try Practice Mode. You can play a 10 minute adventure, or a single mini game of your choice.

To enter Practice Mode:

  1. Open the Teach Your Monster To Read App

  2. Click on the "Practice" button at the bottom left corner of the screen

    • if you don't see it. try pressing the "Back" button at the top left first, and then making sure you have at least one local player created

  3. Select your monster, and pick 10 Minute Adventure

  4. Pick the letter sounds you would like your child to practice, and tap on "Play!"

You can also access practice mode on the website, just click the 'practice' button and it will take you to the options

You can also find all of our additional learning resources, including printables, games, and songs in our Classroom Toolkit

Reset player

Warning - please note that after resetting a player it is not possible to restore their progress prior to the reset.

To reset a player's progress entirely (not recommended):

  1. Log in to your user account

  2. Open the "Players" tab

  3. Find the player account you wish to reset

  4. From the dropdown menu, select 'Reset player'

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