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How can I track player progress/stats ?
How can I track player progress/stats ?

Track the progress of an individual player, a group, or every player on your Teach Your Monster account

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The Teach Your Monster games track key stats about your players, such as how far they've gotten into the game, and the percentage of mastery they've earned.

Stats can be accessed via the stats tab here and filtered by game and group (if you have them)

Teach your monster to read stats

Per Group:

  • Aggregate strongest grapheme

  • Aggregate weakest grapheme

  • Aggregate score for each grapheme (this also shows how many of your players have done each grapheme)


  • Current level

  • Strongest and weakest grapheme within that level

  • Last played

  • How long played

Stats will only update once the player has played a game. In some cases if a player has just started a level their progress will show as 0% - e.g. if a player has just finished level 1: first steps they will show 0% progress at level 2: fun with words

You can also download a .csv at the bottom of the page which shows each player's score for each grapheme across all the levels.

Reading for fun and Number Skills stats

We are still working on providing more stats for these games but for both games we currently show:

  • Game days completed

  • Total time reading/playing

  • Last played

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