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Reading for Fun: Credits
Reading for Fun: Credits
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Design and Development

Design, Programming, GFX: Jonathan Skuse (Popleaf)

Design, Programming, Audio, Writing: Berbank Green (Popleaf)

Artwork, Animation: Rich Wake


Quality Assurance: Harvey Owen, Francis Edwards

Play Testing: Carla Vij

Educational Consultancy

Angela Colvert, Alison Kelly

Product Management

Alex Goss, Helen Savage, Reed Erlandson


Marketing Leads: Alex Goss, Rajini Lolay

Trailer Production: Jonny Clooney, Dina Makanji

Asset Design: Alice Parsons

Parent and Teacher User Experience

UX, UI Design: Mor Bakal

Product Management: Tara Bloom

Website Development: Codegram, Factory 3

Special Thanks

Books provided by: Usborne Publishing (special thanks to Jenny Tyler, Lisa Watts, Matthew Bugler, Lindsay North), Okido Magazine, Otter-Barry Books, Candlewick Press, Roger Stevens

Voice Talent: Berbank Green, Raymond Anthony, NC Grey, Alison Kelly, Jasmon Lamon, Willie T. Robinson, Jaqwan Spencer, Dee Smith, Roger Stevens, Jane Wing

Additional Art, Animation: Matt Partridge, Wip Vernooij, Chris Garbutt, Kwok Fung Lam

Additional Programming: George Corney

Audio book recording and sound engineering: Outsource Media Ltd, Lesley Sims

Additional UI Design: Francesca Allen

Book Design: Dan Bramall

Product Management Support: Laila Edy

Teach Your Monster HQ

Data Analysis: Leo Allen

Administrative Support: Marzena Castle

Customer Support: Stefan Kudev

Data Protection Officer: Bethany Paliga (Forbes)

Accounts Support: Joy Ramdeen

Strategic Support: John Roberts

Operations: Alison Duddy

Executive Director: Antonio Gould

The Usborne Foundation

Trustees / Executive Producers: Peter Usborne, Nicola Usborne, Martin Usborne

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