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Reading for Fun certificates from King Peter
Reading for Fun certificates from King Peter

Get your printable certificates for the Reading for Fun game!

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Here are the printable certificates you can give to children to recognise their efforts in helping their monster in King Peter's magical reading village.

Being rewarded can be a huge motivator for children. Use these certificates as you see fit - you know your children best! Here are some reading for pleasure skills that you might want to reward children for:

Trying new things: reading different sorts of text, from signposts and instructions, to a whole range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Simply enjoying reading: there’s a whole world of reading to explore - from finding a favourite book or enjoying reading piece of text or dialogue.

Accomplishing something through reading: children complete jobs to get rewarded with books for their monster’s bookshelf.

Being part of a reading community: making friends in the game and helping out the villagers with quests that require reading; popping into the village library to read along with Goldspear, Coco and others.

Solving challenges and following the game's story as it unfolds: reading recipes to make treats, reading the delivery instructions to deliver books and going on quests to deal with the book-eating goblin.

Choosing what they like: discovering new authors, poems, stories and series of children’s books that they love.

Demonstrating improved stamina and keeping on reading: collecting and reading the ebooks in the game, or playing (and therefore reading) the game's story, dialogue and instructions. There’s a whole world of reading to explore as much or as little as they want.

Here is your printable certificate!

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