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Sharing player information with parents
Sharing player information with parents

How to spread the word about Teach Your Monster games

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Parental involvement can really boost a child's learning, so we love it when teachers share our resources with parents and get more children playing at home. Play our games on iPhone & iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle, or for free on computers.

Here are two great ways you can share Teach Your Monster games with parents and guardians:

Print and send our letter to parents

In your account you can print letters home that help your parents access the games and connect to their child's player, continuing where they left of at school. Here is how:

  1. Go to your Teach Your Monster account and click on "Players & groups".

  2. Select the group of players you want to print letters for.

  3. Click on "Group Actions" and then "Download parent letters".

  4. You will see a pre-populated letter. You can edit this letter to make it specific to your group.

  5. Click on "Generate".

  6. Once generated click "Download" to get the PDF with your letter for each player in the group.

If you need any support or have any feedback on our Parent letter please do be in touch at [email protected].

Send the player password cards home

You can follow a similar process as for parent letters to download password cards, ideal for reading record books or other handy place for kids and parents. This can also be found in the "Players & groups" section of your account as "Download password cards".

Spread the word about our app

Spread the word about our app on iPhone & iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle - it's a great way for children to access the game at school, at home or on the go.

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