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Setting up Clever
Setting up Clever

How to use Teach Your Monster games with Clever

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Logging in via Clever to Teach Your Monster is done using Clever SSO (saved passwords) and requires some set up by your administrator.

Teach Your Monster does not maintain this application and will only be able to provide limited support. The Clever application is maintained by Clever and their support will be happy to help with any issues - contact here.

The Teach Your Monster website requires:

  • Player name

  • Optional password

  • Class code (this is autofilled when you use a school login URL)

This means that to set up the application so students don't need to login to Teach Your Monster requires pre setting the login URLs within Clever to the school login URLs (in the format

1. Navigate to Teach Your Monster's profile page in your Clever District Dashboard.

2. On this page, you will see a box labeled 'School specific data'. In that box, click on the link to 'Modify data'.
3. On the next screen, paste the URL for the school into the URL field. Be sure to save your changes.

Your school URL is accessible from within the Teach Your Monster website. It appears at the top of your dashboard when you login - 'student quick login link':

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