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What areas does Reading for Fun cover?
What areas does Reading for Fun cover?

What does Teach Your Monster - Reading for Fun cover?

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Step into Reading for Fun, where over 70 FREE books are available to take out at Goldspear’s library, and no late delivery fees are required!

Here, we go beyond simply learning literacy, and enter the realm of reading for pleasure.

Much like a Kindle for kids, the app holds a range of stories for children to pick and choose from, however, entertaining tasks will need to be carried out to collect them!

Throughout the Reading for Fun village, a number of games and challenges will arise, and once completed, children will be gifted with brand new full books to add to their virtual bookshelf, straight from the Usborne collection, as well as a number of other publishers including Otter-Barry and Okido - even Teach Your Monster’s very own joke and poetry book!

Embark on a quest or whip up a meal; no one knows what the day will bring, but the reward is always worth it and every task has been designed for kids to learn literacy through reading for purpose.

Sadly, one in eight disadvantaged children in the UK don’t own a single book, but with Reading for Fun we hope to change that, and with a beautiful game world to explore, reluctant readers will look at reading in a whole new light.

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