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How do I save the game?
How do I save the game?

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Teach Your Monster games save your progress automatically at regular points

Teach Your Monster to Read:

There are save points after each mini game in the first 2 games (First Steps and Fun With Words) and there are save points after each planet (about every 10-12 minutes) in the third game (Champion Reader).

For example, if your player has created their monster then played one mini game (i.e. with the ducks) then closed the app or logged off, then when you log back in to the player's game, it should restart just after the first duck game.

For any mini game a player plays (i.e. the spaceship, sun, teddy bear, duck or sheep game) the game should save their progress so when you log back in, you begin after the most recent mini game you played.

The save points are less frequent in the third game (Champion Reader) and come at the completion of each of the 47 planets, roughly every 10-12 minutes.

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