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I'm getting a PROXY error
I'm getting a PROXY error

Here's how to resolve HTTP PROXY errors for the Teach Your Monster To Read app and website

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Are you a teacher? Please check with your administrator that our website is white-listed (or not black-listed).

Configuring your HTTP PROXY Setting

  1. Go to your device settings and click on your Wi-Fi connection. Click for further information on the Wi-Fi connection (i.e. on iOS click on the ℹ icon next to your Wi-Fi connection).

  2. Check the HTTP PROXY setting at the bottom of the screen - it will be set to either Off, Manual or Auto

    • Off: If the setting is "Off" then the app should be working fine. In case the app still doesn't work, try using a different Wi-Fi connection

    • Manual:

      • If the setting is "Manual" and Authentication switched off, then the app should work fine

      • If Authentication is switched on, it needs to be turned off in order for our app to work

    • Auto: There's a technical limitation with the app which means that the app does not support the iOS 'Auto' proxy setting.

Please note: The app does not support using a Proxy Auto Config File. Ask your IT administrator if you can use a manually configured proxy (with Authentication OFF or disabled) and this will enable the app to work. You could also try using a different internet connection.

If you've read and tried all of the above steps and you still have issues with the app, we recommend contacting your IT Administrator.

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